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As part of our commitment to client care we have provided a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help better assist users.

1. Where can I find a cryptocurrency ATM?

To find an ATM near you click here.

2. Which cryptocurrencies does Coin Nation deal with?

Currently: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

3. Why use our cryptocurrency ATMs?

We offer secure and easy to use solutions for cryptocurrency exchange at competitive rates. We are located in centralized hubs in your community.

4. How do I get a virtual wallet for holding cryptocurrency?

There are multiple types of virtual wallets available. Some are apps, others are printed on a physical piece of paper, some are even stored on a specialized usb stick. For best user experience, freedom of trade and instant access to your balance, we recommend using a wallet app on your phone. There are many options great options such as BitGo, Bread Wallet, and Copay available on IOS and Android.

5. What currency and denomination do you accept?

We are a local Canadian operator and only provide CAD based transactions. If you are buying virtual currency, our cryptocurrency ATMs will accept between $5-$100 bills, however the first bill inserted into our machines must be a $20. If you are selling virtual currency then you will receive $20 dollar and $100 dollar bills from the dispenser.

6. Is it possible to buy less than one unit of a cryptocurrency?

Yes. Our cryptocurrency ATMs accept a minimum purchase of $20. At the current price of Bitcoin, you will need to visit a number of our ATM locations in order to aggregate a full (1) Bitcoin as we don't stock enough cash at our ATMs & Kiosks to handle such transactions. This is true for Litecoin and all other forms of cryptocurrency we deal in.

7. I just made a transaction and I still haven't received my cryptocurrency, is this normal?

It is absolutely normal. Bitcoin can take up to 24 hours in rare cases to transfer over. The same is true for other cryptocurrencies as well. If you are experiencing this issue please contact us using our contact form or at: support@coinnation.ca.

8. What are your fees for providing instant cryptocurrency trading?

We currently charge the global industry average of 10% on all transactions. Industry fees depending on where you are buying and/or selling your cryptocurrency can range from 10% (all in all) on the low range to 20% (all in all - prepaid credit cards and some vouchers). Please be aware of the rising person to person cryptocurrency sales scams. We highly recommend against trading on behalf of strangers. Instead, we recommend that you either trade online through a reputable exchange or at a cryptocurrency kiosk or ATM in you local area for maximum security.

9. Does Coin Nation offer other solutions for fiat banking machines?

Yes! If you want to own a regular ATM we offer solutions for fiat ATMs through our Enterprise ATM Program.

10. What is a Crypto-Kiosk? What is crypto?

Crypto-Kiosk is another term for cryptocurrency ATM. Crypto is another word for cryptocurrency.

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