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How To Buy Bitcoin:

Scan Wallet: Select Buy Bitcoin button on the main screen then scan your crypto wallet.
You may choose to use your own wallet or create a paper wallet through the machine UI.

Insert Cash: Insert your bills one at a time starting with a $20. You can insert any bill after that starting with a $5 - $100. Each time a bill is inserted, the machine will showcase the total on the screen.

Receive Bitcoin: After inserting the bills into the machine, press Finish and collect your receipt. Congratulations, your purchased Bitcoin is on its way to your wallet. Please allow 20-60 minutes for the transaction to be completed on the Blockchain before your Bitcoin will be deposited.

Sell Bitcoin/Withdraw Cash:

Withdraw Cash: Select the Withdraw button on the main screen.

Select Cash: Select the amount of Cash you would like to withdraw by toggling the available denomination up/down until you reach your desired amount.

Scan Wallet: Select the Scan button on your Bitcoin wallet and hold you phone up to the screen to scan the code. Once the code is swiped, approve the Bitcoin sale on your phone wallet.

Receipt: Please collect the Redemption Code from the machine after your sale transaction. Please allow 20-60 min wait for the transaction to be completed on the Blockchain before your cash is available for withdrawal.

Redeem Cash: Select Redeem button on main screen. Enter your redemption code from the receipt you collected earlier and collect your cash from the dispenser.

Trying to decide on a virtual wallet?  Here is a link to a virtual wallet that we have found to be very easy to use and secure: Bread Wallet.

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