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Terms & Conditions:

Scam Warning: The Canadian Government, The CRA, and/or Utility Companies (ex NS/NB Power) DO NOT ACCEPT BITCOIN or any other form of cryptocurrency as payment.
Please do not send Bitcoin to any request for payment. This is very likely a SCAM. Please keep your money and your cryptocurrency safe.

  1. Coin Nation ATMs Inc. charges a 10% surcharge rate on all transactions (buy or sell) applied to your instant cryptocurrency purchases based on QuadrigaCX live price.

  2. Cryptocurrency purchases will be deposited in your wallet within 1 to 60 minutes. Your cash withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to confirm and be available for redemption.

  3. Exchange trading fees and network confirmation fees are deducted automatically per transaction from the exchange and is included in our buy and/or sell price indicated on the top right hand corner of the screen on our machines. Other charges, however, may be applied by your virtual wallet provider.

  4. All transactions are final and are not reversible once money is fed into the machine for cryptocurrency purchases or when a withdrawal is initiated.

  5. All transactions will time out within 200 seconds of initiating a trade (buy and/or sell.) Please ensure you complete your trade before the transaction times out.

  6. Please direct any technical difficulties or questions and concerns to support@coinnation.ca and we will happily respond back during regular business hours. Please allow adequate time for a response.

  7. This machine is equipped with a security camera and footage may be used in in cases of a crime has occurred including but not limited to theft or fraud.

  8. Any purchase (buy) transaction failure after your money is inserted into a machine can be refunded back only after a ticket is opened and reviewed for redemption approval.

  9. Any withdrawal (sell) transaction failure after www.blockchain.com confirms can be refunded in cryptocurrency or fiat only after a ticket is opened and reviewed for redemption approval.

  10. Coin Nation ATMs Inc. recommends Bread Wallet and Blockchain Wallet for easy, fast and low trading fees. We are not responsible for these virtual wallet however and accept zero liability for any damages incurred by using any virtual wallet. We simply know from our experiences that these wallets are compatible and work for us.

We are fully compliant in all licensing required to own and operate automated teller machines as well as to handle our own cash and to deal with cryptocurrencies.

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